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Wolfe Industrial grasps the daily challenges of: material handling containers, robotic cell safety guarding, welding fume exhaust systems, oil mist and fume exhaust systems, paint systems, safety guarding, conveyor maintenance and repairs. Our understanding of these challenges combined with your specific requirements creates a collaborative solution that will keep your production and process systems on track.

We have worked with many Tier 1 & Tier 2 automotive parts suppliers over the years to optimize process systems and production line efficiencies. From transmission and powertrain parts to steering components and brakes, Wolfe has helped auto industry parts manufacturers run smoothly and steer clear of unexpected production downtime by providing routinely scheduled on-site equipment and systems maintenance.

Our highly qualified craftsmen use their automotive industry experience to consult, design, fabricate, install or maintain your equipment or process systems. You can count on Wolfe Industrial to provide innovative solutions for your specific process need

Some of our valued clients:

  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • Nissan
  • Calsonic
  • Johnson Controls
  • TRW

Sample Equipment Solutions

containers • racks • carts • welding fume collection • dust collection • oil mist collection • scrubber systems • HEPA filtration • make-up air systems • exhaust systems • exhaust hoods • ducting • hydraulic piping • compressed air piping • paint system piping • conveyors • platforms • work stations • mezzanines • crossovers • ladders • catwalks • handrails • bollards • guard rails • safety guards • chain guards • drive guards • perimeter guards • lexan guards • sound reduction enclosures • custom equipment fabrication • millwright • maintenance

Client Feedback

"I know that when it comes down to new model project deadlines and last minute requests, I can count on Wolfe to meet our needs. Wolfe Industrial has truly become an important part of our team and serves more as a partner than just another contractor."

Manufacturing Engineer

Automotive Industry