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Industrial Exhaust Systems

At Wolfe we specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of energy efficient exhaust systems that maximize employee protection, improves housekeeping and saves operational costs.

Our exhaust systems are carefully designed to reduce the amount of airborne contaminants in the work place. Air contaminated with dust, fumes, smoke, vapors, mists and odors is captured, filtered and exhausted to maintain a safe work environment.

As a licensed contractor and air handling equipment installer, our skilled technicians carefully design each capture hood for the correct capture velocity to maximize capture efficiency. Then we balance the duct system airflow to the correct transport velocity to prevent dust drop-out and material build-up. This provides the most energy efficient exhaust system for your application.

We also perform system assessments and provide the necessary maintenance services required to maintain your exhaust system and equipment.

Keep your employees safe and your systems operating efficiently. Call Wolfe Industrial today at 800-206-2380 to design, fabricate, install, service or repair your plant exhaust systems.
Industrial metal fabricators & installers

• system & equipment design
• custom metal fabrication
• equipment installation
• equipment relocation
• equipment repair
• on-site maintenance

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