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Industrial Make-Up Air Systems

Plant exhaust systems remove large volumes of air from your manufacturing facility. If this air is not replaced at the same rate that it is exhausted, the building will experience a negative pressure.  Some common indicators of negative pressure problems include the suction pressure that makes exterior doors difficult to open, drafts around doors and windows, the smell of fumes or vapors, or the presence of visible smoke or dust. These indicators are warnings that your exhaust fans are not working properly because of the negative pressure. This situation creates poor indoor air quality and prevents energy efficiency in controlling your conditioned work environment.

A make-up air system replaces the air that is expelled by a building's exhaust systems. This balancing of the air pressure inside and outside provides many benefits. The major benefit is to allow your existing exhaust systems to efficiently remove the air-borne contaminates from your working environment. Make-up air systems are used for dilution of nuisance type contaminates in some work areas. Additionally, make-up air systems can supply conditioned replacement air that can be heated, cooled, humidified or dehumidified to improve the quality of the work environment.

Wolfe has been designing, fabricating and installing make-up air systems for our industrial clients for over 30 years.  Let us help your company breathe easier, too.

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