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Pneumatic Systems

For years, Wolfe Industrial has utilized pneumatic conveying systems to help industrial manufacturing clients convey bulk materials more efficiently, more reliably, and more safely than conventional mechanical transfer systems.

The Dilute Phase and Dense Phase Systems designed, fabricated and installed by Wolfe Industrial offer numerous advantages over mechanical transfer systems. Pneumatic systems require less space, need less maintenance, have a greater service life, keeps fugitive dust captured during product transfers, improves ability to eliminate product contamination and allows for clean in place (CIP) sanitation systems.

At Wolfe Industrial, we rely on and trust the knowledge of our Pneumatic Systems Component Suppliers.  These suppliers are committed to maintaining the latest technology to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. You can trust that Wolfe Industrial will put together the right Solutions Team for your specific application. Let Wolfe help you to confidently install the pneumatic systems you need.

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• system & equipment design
• custom metal fabrication
• equipment installation
• equipment relocation
• equipment repair
• on-site maintenance

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