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Tire & Rubber

Wolfe has been working with tire and rubber industry clients for over 40 years. We know that the needs of this industry requires more than just a one-size-fits-all approach. We feel strongly in our ability to provide the equipment and systems that maximize efficiency and safety for our clients.

Wolfe can assist you with receiving and distribution systems for your raw materials, whether it is pneumatic transport systems, mechanical conveying systems or carts and skid pallets. Specialty conveyors for bulk materials, coating systems, cooling systems or finished product transfer are only part of what we do.

We provide dust, mist, fumes and smoke collection systems to maintain an efficient, clean and healthy work environment.
We also fabricate and install make-up air systems, motor cooling, product cooling, plant exhaust systems, personnel and plant ventilation systems.


Custom safety solutions designed for your specific application includes machine guards, barriers, enclosures, stairs, access walkways, work platforms and sound enclosures.

Sample Equipment Solutions

bulk handling conveyors • tread conveyors • cooling conveyors • pneumatic conveying • bucket elevators • bucket valves • slide gates • day bins • dump hoppers • product storage silo erection • dust collection systems • ventilation systems • make-up air systems • mold release exhaust systems • grinding exhaust systems • carts • noise enclosures • safety guards • access platforms • mezzanines • custom fabrication • installation • maintenance

Client Feedback

"Wolfe Industrial is who we call when we have a major project that must be completed on time and on budget. We can turn it over to Wolfe and not have to worry about the details."

Project Engineer
Tire Manufacturing